Review: “Cha Ching” — Slayyyter

That Slayyyter reign just don’t let up. On “Cha Ching,” the singer’s third single of 2019 — following the candy sweet “Mine” and raunchy “Daddy AF” — and presumably last advance track before her debut mixtape is released, she let’s the people know that she’s making that money. Over distorted synths, crunchy percussion, and a campy (but wholly necessary) cash register sample that permeated the early hip hop records in which this song is indebted, the singer delivers another banger brimming with confidence that comes with newfound success. Vocally, Slayyyter invokes the legendary nasal tone of Britney Spears, casting herself as a Princess of Pop for Generation Z.

Talk-singing her way through the track, the singer begins with a boast about having men wrapped around her finger because of her cash flow. Moving through the verse, she makes reference to Naomi Campbell, daring the listener to call up the supermodel for a chat about Slayyyter. She takes shots at the song’s subject in the pre-chorus, making it clear she has no desire to be around them with scathing lines like “I don’t wanna go where you go ‘cause I’m not going” and “spit is running out of your face and you’re still foaming,” before belittling them further in the chorus; the bridge is the most bitchy of the bunch, adopting a more yell-like delivery as she drags someone for lying about limousines when they’ve been Ubering like the rest of us. Deliciously devilish, “Cha Ching” is yet another serve in Slayyyter’s growing discography.

Rating: 4.5/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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