Review: “Cheap Queen”— King Princess

King Princess has made quite a name for herself in the past year. After the debuting with “1950,” the singer received cosigns from heavy-hitters like Harry Styles and Mark Ronson and dropped an EP, Make My Bed, in the summer to capitalize and her meteoric breakthrough. While touring that record, she released the provocative “Pussy Is God” in November, presumably the first taste of her upcoming debut album. After an extended absence of new music, the singer has gifted fans with “Cheap Queen,” a lo-fi slapper that is more subdued than her previous output but no less intriguing.

A transitional track about the changes in her life, both internal and external spaces, King Princess begins the song with a despondent “I’ve been alright.” Using the first verse to disparage her recent activities — particularly “talking ‘bout [her]self too much” — the chorus features sorrowful lyrics about being good and bad, making “grown men cry,” and the fake royalty she has ascertained in her rising profile. The bridge is the real kicker here, where the singer confesses to finding it difficult to be herself the more recognizable she gets. It’s a sad trap that newfound fame often pulls people into, but King Princess sees right through the bullshit on “Cheap Queen,” proving her unique point of view isn’t lost in an all-too-familiar scene.

Rating: 4/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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