Review: “Comin in Hot” — Adam Lambert

Psychedelic pop rock seems to be where Adam Lambert’s musical heart is right now. After last month’s “New Eyes,” “Comin in Hot” — third single in promotion of the forthcoming Velvet — follows in the former’s blueprint as a sexy, guitar-driven track. Featuring scratchy, multi-layered vocals, stomping guitar, and danceable drums, the song has an undeniable groove that beckons the listener to move; dripping with psychedelia, Lambert does an immaculate impression of a Tame Impala track, making this genre shift exciting and incredibly enticing.

Intoxication is an icebreaker on “Comin in Hot,” the song opening verse finding Lambert “faded” as he “trac[es] the outline” of his partner. Things start to heat up as he builds to the chorus, the singer practically begging for the subject’s touch — “I want my love to feed your vanity.” Verse two continues this theme, comparing his lover to novocaine and allowing them to take the lead in the couple’s exploits. After a second go at the chorus, the song fades out on a request to listeners: “feel the fire, let it go/take it higher, lose control.” Even though the track clocks in at just under three minutes, “Comin in Hot” is a slow burn, but a delicious one that allows Lambert to play with his artistry at a level we haven’t seen from him before.

Rating: 4.5/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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