Review: “Don’t Feel Like Crying” — Sigrid

Although BBC declared Sigrid the winner of their Sound of 2018 poll, “Don’t Feel Like Crying” is a firm assertion that 2019 will be her year. The fourth single from the singer’s forthcoming debut, Sucker Punch, is an ode to avoiding heartbreak, dodging the pitfalls we all too often succumb to when we’re feeling down. Like all the best songs about breakups, Sigrid pairs the sad situation with a peppy backdrop of electric pianos and synths, turning a tragic event into an anthemic battle cry.

Clocking in at a short 2:37, the song is succinct in its purpose to rouse the hidden dancer in every listener. Listing off clichés like staring at the ceiling and secluding herself with some takeout, Sigrid tells us “wallowing in it would be such a waste” before picking herself up and wiping her eyes in the chorus. The bridge is the best part of the song, with the singer employing a sing-talk style to repeat the lines “it hasn’t hit me yet/and I know if I go home I’m gonna get upset,” letting us know she’s aware she can only keep the tears at bay for so long. It’s this self-awareness that elevates “Don’t Feel Like Crying” from a good breakup bop to a fantastic one.

Rating: 4/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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