Review: “Don’t Leave Me Lonely” — Mark Ronson & YEBBA

Mark Ronson has been devastated, y’all. The second track in the three-piece suite of YEBBA features found on the forthcoming Late Night Feelings, “Don’t Leave Me Lonely” was described by Ronson as the “emotional centerpoint” of the album; placed just one spot before the middle of the record, the song is all kinds of centered that feel intentional. Utilizing some simple percussion and a spattering of bright synths, the song lets its melodies and lyrics do the heavy lifting to great effect. A rumination on a dissolving relationship, YEBBA forces the listener into her shoes with her powerful and acrobatic vocal delivery.

Opening almost a cappella with the subtlest of electronic flourishes, YEBBA asks her lover a pretty loaded question: “what’s on your heart?” As her demand for answers in the verse is ignored, she stretches her soulful voice in the chorus — from its husky lows to piercing highs — to make her case; without her partner, all she can do is “toss and turn alone in [her] bed.” With only half the song remaining already, the singer sticks to this winning formula to bring it to its logical conclusion. Though not quite as musically interesting as the Lykke Li-assisted title track, “Don’t Leave Me Lonely” is a satisfactory addition to Ronson’s eclectic venture into disco-inflected pop music, as well as a peek into his remaining two collaborations with the spectacular YEBBA.

Rating: 3.5/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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