Review: “Don’t Worry Bout Me” — Zara Larsson

Many artists attempt to prove to others (and often themselves) that they are fine after a tumultuous breakup, but few sound as assured as Zara Larsson does on “Don’t Worry Bout Me.” Her first release since last year’s addictive “Ruin My Life,” and the second single from her as-of-yet untitled third album, the track is a surprisingly lowkey affair by comparison; taking cues from house and dancehall — the singer cited Drake’s “Passionfruit” as an influence before release — Larsson brushes off an ex-partner’s attempts to stay in her life. Despite her nonchalant delivery, “Don’t Worry Bout Me” still feels transcendent, like all good house tracks should.

“Everything’s cool now,” Larsson deads at the start of the song, insisting that she’s in a better place than she was immediately after the separation. The singer goes on to scold her ex for caring more about her post-breakup than during their relationship, audibly annoyed by their continued presence. She takes jabs at his selfishness at the chorus, pointing out that their love doesn’t extend beyond themselves; in the second verse, she reprimands their pursuit, stating, “I ain’t got the space or time.” Carried by a relaxed melody throughout the song, her powerful vocals are given a chance to flex towards the end, belting the titular phrase for emphasis. “Don’t Worry Bout Me” floats off on chopped up phrases, allowing the hypnotizing beat to briefly wash over the listener while Larsson disappears into her contentedness and solitude.

Rating: 4.5/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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