Review: “Feel Something” — Adam Lambert

The best male vocalist of our generation is back! In a statement given before the release of “Feel Something,” Adam Lambert detailed being “pulled out of the darkness” after a lengthy bout of depression; the song was borne out of “owning [his] needs” after being directed by teams since his debut era. On his first song in almost two years, the singer switches up his power pop sound for a softer, more personal deliverable. With sparse piano and claps as instrumentation, gospel-tinged background vocals, and a healthy falsetto, he sounds as inspired as ever.

Reminiscing on a troubled history with love, the song features introspective lines like “leaving my heart in all the wrong places/took it back way too soon when I should’ve been patient;” instead of only reprimanding his partners, Lambert acknowledges his own hand in tarnishing his relationships. Beginning in hushed tones, the singer’s voice opens up in the chorus, where the maxim of his newfound confidence is declared: “I don’t need to feel love, I just wanna feel something.” At a syrup-slow pace that could drag if left to its own devices, the track feels at a perfect length despite clocking in at just under three minutes. The culmination of Lambert’s time spent trying to understand himself, “Feel Something” portrays an artist who’s ready to show his audience who he’s become while the world wasn’t watching.

Rating: 4/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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