Review: “If U Think About Me…” — Kim Petras

Kim Petras has done it again. Released in a trio of singles to cap off “era one,” “If U Think About Me…” infuses the singer’s maximalist pop sound with ballad-like strokes, giving the listener’s palette a little something to savor over its 3:38 runtime. The track is still fairly by-the-books for Petras — all heavy synths and belting vocals — but why mess with an already pretty perfect formula? Even if some believe her sound is stale, the nuances between releases keep most listeners foaming at the mouth for more like we did in the golden age of pop.

Following along the lines of most of the singer’s lyrics, “If U Think About Me…” speaks to a partner who may or may not be a no-strings-attached situation to her. Throughout, Petras makes reference to how “time is money” and she can supply some love “for a minute;” despite this, the chorus reveals she isn’t content with this situation, as she spirals when they aren’t around. While Petras relies much too heavily on her signature “woo-ah!” vocal tick on the chorus (no matter how fun it is to imitate), she has one genius use of it in the line “I lie each time when I say I don’t need you-ah!” As a farewell to the first epoch of the singer’s career, “If U Think About Me…” is triumphant.

Rating: 4.5/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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