Review: “it’s not u it’s me” — Bea Miller & 6LACK

We love a twist, and it appears Bea Miller does, as well. On her first single of 2019, the singer flips the titular phrase into a self-love anthem. “it’s not u it’s me” has a familiar Miller melody, snaking around and allowing her to play with her still-developing but powerful voice; over a skittering beat, she and similarly melodic virtuoso 6LACK trade off slinky verses as opposing sides of a crumbling relationship. It’s an unexpected pairing — two artists who have wildly diverging sounds can often be a glaring hit-or-miss — but after a couple of listens, their vocal chemistry shines through, ensuring that the listener will be feeling themselves for three minutes and fourteen seconds.

In the opening verse, Miller sings “gave you everything you wanted/but I started feeling haunted,” giving the impression that this breakup was seen ahead of time by both parties. From here, she progresses towards the chorus, a staccato turn of phrase that includes the smirking lyric “it’s not you, it’s me/’cause I’m leaving you for me;” despite the teasing delivery, she follows up with a concerned line about her partner blaming themselves over the separation. 6LACK spends his verse talking up his “supreme” love and how he can provide the security significant others usually do, but it’s not enough for our heroine to stay. Understanding her needs and expectations are not being upheld, Miller and 6LACK provide a unique little kiss-off to add to the breakup song lexicon.

Rating: 4.5/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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