You never know what you’re gonna get with a supergroup. While past groups have been subject to too many cooks in the kitchen, putting out a claustrophobic project that’s too crowded to be enjoyable, LSD seems to have fallen to the other side of the spectrum. The trio that is Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo — monumental artists in their own rights — have congregated for LABRINTH, SIA & DIPLO PRESENT… LSD, a record meant to dazzle the senses and allow each musician to experiment with their artistry. Even so, many of the tracks here feel unfinished, leaving listeners yearning for more; the high LSD wants you to experience is fleeting at best, with only a handful of the songs transcending their humble beginnings.

The biggest takeaway from LSD is it rarely becomes as big as its creators and title suggest. Introducing the album with “Welcome to the Wonderful World Of,” the trio open with some clever vocals before the track devolves into jumpy production and vocal clips meant to showcase the beguiling nature of the forthcoming music. From there, “Angel in Your Eyes” is enjoyable until you realize it’s missing a real chorus, “Mountains” takes a full minute before it transforms into a nonsensical mid-tempo, and “It’s Time” is the eleventh hour ballad that lacks the emotional sucker punch it needs to close a record like this.

Despite the quality of the album wavering throughout, there are certainly brilliant songs here. “Audio” masterfully mashes subdued vocals into a skittering soundscape (the only instance in which this works for the group), “No New Friends” is so unabashed in its joyousness that it feels like a chant, and “Heaven Can Wait” delivers a mostly solo Sia track that is bombastic and life-affirming. “Genius” — LSD’s first ever release — is still the best thing on the record, as it possesses the qualities that made listeners excited about a supergroup: spectacular psychedelic/EDM/pop production that resisted categorization alongside beautiful harmonies and clever lyricism. Though LSD has its moments of inventiveness, it mostly feels like our trio has created a wonderful world of nondescript instead.

Rating: 7.5/10

Standout tracks: “Genius,” “Audio,” “No New Friends,” “Heaven Can Wait”

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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