Review: “Lost Girls” — Lights

Just like clockwork, Lights is back with an acoustic sampler of her latest album. Since 2011’s Siberia, the singer has recorded a stripped back version of her records two years after their initial release. While Siberia Acoustic was a straightforward recitation, 2016’s Midnight Machines took reworked tracks from Little Machines’ and added a couple originals to the mix; it appears Lights’ is taking an even more interesting route for this era’s songs. Succinctly titled Skin&Earth Acoustic, the album — full of tracks recorded in unconventional places as well as new ones — is introduced to listeners with the previously-unheard “Lost Girls.”

Accompanied only by an acoustic guitar, Lights’ dexterous voice and empowering lyrics are the focal point of the song, a flex on how — even with immeasurable talent behind the boards—her greatest strength is her storytelling. In a swallowed tone, the singer encourages the listener to hit the road, “leav[ing] the city in the background” as the world becomes their oyster. The track carries on the theme of Skin&Earth’s comic and sonic adventures, bringing forth characters that join the subject on their journey in this “mad world” in the chorus. As “Lost Girls” continues to unfold in its remaining verse and bridge — in which the singer declines an offer for cheap sex and weed, indulges in video games and fortunetelling, and yearns for a moment of simplicity — Lights proves more than ever before that she’s one of music’s most exciting underdogs.

Rating: 4/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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