Review: “Love Me” — Felix Cartal & Lights

It may be the season of romance, but not everyone is feeling the love. On “Love Me,” her first release of 2019, Lights takes on the role of the obsessive, unrequited lover. An effervescent deep house track, producer Felix Cartal supplies slight EDM elements to the track, giving it a harder edge than a typical house production. By doing so, he allows the singer’s piercing voice to carry the listener through her spurred psyche. The antithesis to the usual Valentine’s Day serenade in both writing and soundscape, it’s a interesting addition to the February 14 canon.

Repeating the refrain “you know I give” immediately as the song starts, Lights sets the frustrated tone of “Love Me;” no matter what she provides for the object of her desire, it’s never going to be enough. With such a siren-like voice, how could anyone say no to her? As the track progresses, she makes reference to “packing a bag of bad ideas” and “trying not to let these mind games play me,” suggesting her desperation is starting to get the best of her. After continuously asking why they won’t love her, the singer spends the duration of the bridge giving her would-be beau an ultimatum: either commit to her or she’s gone. Though we don’t see the resolution by the end of the song, I have on good authority Lights doesn’t get what she wants. Regardless of the conclusion, “Love Me” is an exciting sonic detour before the singer’s next project is unveiled.

Rating: 4.5/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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