Review: “Mine” — Slayyyter

Any song that samples Robin S’ “Show Me Love” is destined for greatness, and Slayyyter’s “Mine” is no exception. The latest offering from the Internet sensation continues in the vein of her established Y2K-meets-PC Music sound, taking after previous tracks like “Hello Kitty” and “Platform Shoes,” with a distinct ’80s house edge to it. “Mine” doesn’t so much invite you to the dance floor as it drags you screaming, commanding you to move to its infectious “oh me, oh my” breakdown. Even so, by the end of its 2:39 runtime, you’re gonna be so glad you submitted to its Pavlovian rhythms.

Lyrically, “Mine” is quite the left turn for Slayyyter, who often finds herself using and/or dismissing partners at a moment’s notice in her songs; instead, she confesses she “fell in love, first date,” a stark (but refreshing!) contrast from man-eater tracks like “Candy.” Continuing into the chorus, lines such as “you know I’m tempted/let me give you this attention” carrying the listener into the aforementioned breakdown, the singer pantomimes how it feels to be head over heels for someone without complicated wordplay. With “Mine,” Slayyyter might just have her first big hit, but it hardly matters; the track is a perfect Valentine’s Day bop, regardless of if you’re boo’d up or on your own on this Hallmark holiday.

Rating: 5/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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