Review: “MONOPOLY” — Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét

Ariana Grande just doesn’t quit. Less than two months after releasing thank u, next — her second album within the past year — the singer is back with a new single, featuring best friend/fellow artist Victoria Monét. Don’t prepare yourself for another album just yet, as the “MONOPOLY” drop was in celebration of “7 rings” continuing its streak at number one on the Billboard 200. Billed as “a thank u to them fans” on the cover art, the track takes on a more relaxed atmosphere than its predecessor while staying true to its themes: flaunting success and acknowledging Grande’s friendships, particularly with Monét on this go around.

Adopting the triplet flow of the times, the Monét is first up to bat, asking an unseen character where they’ve been while she’s been making her money. This questioning leads into the chorus, where the singer demands the subject get “outta here with that fuckery” before the central lyric rears its head: “treat my goals like property/collect them like Monopoly.” From there, the duo declare their love of both sexes (two things: is this Grande’s way of coming out? And you ain’t ever heard a pop song use the word “dichotomy,” have you?), reminisce on the creation of thank u, next, and shoutout Grande’s vocal coach by the end of the fourth verse. The track dissolves into giggles and adlibs at the outro, with the two friends hilariously reacting to Monét’s Nutty Professor reference. “MONOPOLY” is undeniably a fun exaltation on female relationships, but it also leaves the listener wanting for something more.

Rating: 4/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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