Review: “More Than That” — Lauren Jauregui

On Lauren Jauregui’s second solo single, she polishes the femme fatale persona previously debuted on last year’s “Expectations.” While “Expectations” described a vixen in turmoil over a partner staying out too late, “More Than That” reverses the roles, telling the person eyeing her to up their game if they want to take her attention from her partner. There’s nothing we love more than a woman knowing the worth of her time, and Jauregui sells it well.

Over an atmospheric and skittering production, Jauregui abandons the belting of “Expectations” for a sing-rap that pairs well with the propulsive beat. In the verses, the singer lets the subject know she’s tempted to pursue them (in spite of being “so deep in love”) before cutting to the chase that they “better come correct” if they want a piece of her. She makes her case in the chorus, detailing what she needs for them to prove they’re worth jeopardizing her relationship. It’s all very scandalous, even if Jauregui doesn’t sound like her heart is really in the situation!

“More Than That” is a fun addition to Jauregui’s growing body of work, as well as proof that she has the range to carry her own in the great pop landscape of 2019. I have no doubt it will be a favorite among stans and casual fans alike (such as myself!). Despite that, the song feels lacking in real personality, especially when held up against her previous single. At a time in her solo career where shaping and showcasing her artistic identity is crucial for longevity, it feels like a timid step back.

Rating: 4/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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