Review: “Orange Trees” — MARINA

Spring may have just started, but MARINA is ready for summer. “Orange Trees,” the third advance song from LOVE + FEAR, takes the Latin flavors of “Baby” — the singer’s collaboration with Clean Bandit and Luis Fonsi — and shapes them into a more recognizable MARINA tune. An homage to her ancestral Greece, the song employs a plucky Spanish guitar, metallic drums, and shimmery synths to sonically transport the listener to the Mediterranean. It is also notable that this is the first track from the upcoming record that possesses a BPM you wanna get up and move to, an extremely welcome change of pace from the down-tempo malaise of “Handmade Heaven” and “Superstar.”

Beginning with an admittedly irksome repetition of the title, “Orange Trees” opens up from this detriment into a verse that reminisces on the beauty of the Greek islands before giving way to more profound sentiments. “Was busy chasing happiness/when all I needed was a little peace” MARINA sings, acknowledging that the intentional pursuit of happiness can almost make us more melancholy if we push too hard. She expresses the contentedness her homeland brings her in the chorus, making reference to flowers woven into hair and the delicious heat of the Mediterranean sun. The singer makes a brief mention of a partner in this paradise, but they’re nothing more than a fleeting thought; this song is ostensibly about her relationship with her heritage, not another living being. MARINA and Greece appear to be on excellent terms, too, as “Orange Trees” might be the happiest MARINA’s ever been on record. Exclaiming “life is beautiful and now you see/this is how it feels to be free” in the bridge, it sounds like she finally believes it.

Rating: 4.5/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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