Review: “Superstar” — MARINA

MARINA’s second song from LOVE + FEAR has arrived. In line with lead single “Handmade Heaven,” “Superstar” is a down-tempo ballad, but that’s about as deep as the similarities go. While the former possesses moody production and features lyrics about escapism and the search for purpose, the latter is a bouncier affair that chronicles the saga of a surprising healthy relationship. Over a jittery beat, the singer delivers a springy vocal that breathes a different life into her work; if “Handmade Heaven” was a bridge connecting records, “Superstar” is an exciting, full-fledged step into this album’s waters.

Beginning with the confession of pushing away partners in her past, MARINA quickly casts away any doubts that this time is any different; she assures that she wanted her significant other to stay the moment he kissed her. The singer progresses through the track detailing sweet nothings such as “so impossible to dream/when you’re far away from me” and “come and save my day/you’re my superstar,” all the while praising their ability to work through their issues (both separate and as a unit). As an often metaphorical songwriter, “Superstar” possesses some of the most direct lyrics in MARINA’s discography, signaling just how personal this project is to her. It’s a welcome successor to “Handmade Heaven,” with an entirely different sonic and lyrical point of view that showcases the singer’s versatility that is bound to appear on LOVE + FEAR. Like the singer states in the bridge, “whoever said we couldn’t have it all?”

Rating: 4/5

A music business student with a passion for writing about music almost as intense as his desire to curate it.

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